Android User Engagement Paradox - Possible Answer?

December 26, 2012

So there is a big question about user engagement on Android.

You can read asymco’s article about it, and see a discussion about it over at branch.

Whilst I don’t have any real aggregate data to share about this phenomena, I do have a data point that I think could be a factor.

When my sister got an iPod Touch, she really liked the device. At the time she was using a normal phone, and wanted to get a touch screen phone too. She couldn’t afford an iPhone, so got a cheap Android phone.

I asked her about her devices, and how she used them. To summarize, she said the Android phone was a usability improvement over her dumbphone, but she didn’t like it compared to her iPod Touch. She used the Android phone to make calls, but used the iPod Touch for everything else (apps, browsing, media).

I think there might be a lot of people who are doing this, especially people with the cheaper Android phones.